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I am a 24-year-old French student currently studying Communication in Strasbourg, France. And I hope to one day open my own bookstore with a coffee shop. So that people can share their love of books with each other.

I originally started this blog because I love to read. But since then I’ve also added movie reviews, and I’m thinking of adding TV Shows reviews and recipes to this blog. Since it’s all my passion, but I’m afraid

I also love cooking, movies, and TV Shows, so a little of everything.

Here I will post all the reviews of the books that I read, if you ever want to befriend me on Goodreads, the social network for book lover here’s the link to my page.

If you have any questions or want me to do an article about a particular book, movie, or food feel free to contact me here or on Goodreads! You can also follow me on Twitter or on Instagram! 😊

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