Day 21 by Kass Morgan

Day 21 by Kass Morgan

Day 21 is the second book in The 100 book series.


It has been twenty-one days since the 100 set foot on Earth. They are the first humans to set foot on the ground in centuries… At least that’s what they think. Faced with an unseen enemy, Wells does his best to keep the group together. Clarke goes on an expedition to Mount Weather in search of more colonists, while Bellamy is determined to save his sister, no matter what the cost. Remaining aboard the orbiting ship, Glass is faced with the worst possible choice between the love of her life and life itself.
In this breathless sequel to the first volume of Kass Morgan’s The 100 series, secrets are revealed, certainties are shaken, and relationships are tested. And the 100 will have to fight to survive the only way they can: together.


I first started reading The 100 book series because I was such a huge fan of the show (my feelings toward the show have changed over time, but that’s a subject for another day). I read the first book, The 100, in 2016 (I know, it was a long time ago). And I have to admit, that I wasn’t really into it. But with Day 21, it all changed.

Day 21 is the second book of the series, and I’m really glad I held on to this series. As I said, I wasn’t really interested in the first book, the characters and the story felt flat. However, with Day 21, I got the opposite impression. Even though I didn’t really remember what happened in the first book (that’s what happens when you read books 4 years apart).

Okay, back to the actual book. The story was really gripping this time, and I found myself to be way more attached to the characters that weren’t in the TV Show (like Glass), or that¬†SPOILER ALERT were already gone by that point (Wes). I really felt what the characters felt and I think this one was really well written.

Should you read Day 21?

Honestly, yes you should. While The 100 isn’t that interesting, Day 21 is really worth going through it. So if you like YA or Dystopian novels, I would consider you at least check it out!

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