The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan

The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan

The Serpent’s Shadow is the third and last book of The Kane Chronicles. Rick Riordan’s book series about Egyptian mythology. It was a slow start for me to read because I was at work, but I finished the book in two afternoons as soon as the weekend came! The story was just so thrilling.


Young magicians Carter and Sadie Kane will once again face the wrath of the Gods. The terrible snake Apophis has a plan to destroy the world, and the countdown has already begun. Our two heroes will have only three days to thwart his plans. Carter and Sadie will have to join forces with the ghost of a mad magician… At the risk of being betrayed, or worse… killed!


As I said before, when I first started reading the series, I wasn’t really pulled into the story like I was with the Percy Jackson series or Heroes of Olympus. But chapter by chapter, book by book, Rick Riordan managed to turn the tide around! I was so involved in the story that I really was stressed about what would happen to the characters in The Serpent’s Shadow. Mainly because it’s the last book in the trilogy, and I could see no continuation of Sadie and Carter’s adventures.

Back to the book! Once I got really started with it, I really couldn’t put it down. The story was so thrilling, and you could really see Sadie and Carter’s character development in just 3 books, which is something I loved. Most of the time, when I read a book, it’s for the characters first, then for the story. So having an author being this good at character development is just so amazing for me! Not only in The Serpent’s Shadow, but in every one of his books. He is just such a great world and character builder. But enough about Rick Riordan.

Since the first pages of the book, I was really pulled into the story. It’s a never ending adventure, with twist and turns in each chapters. And I really didn’t expect the ending! As I said before, the characters really grew and became who they needed to be in order to complete their mission and defeat Apophis once and for all. For more information, you’ll have to read the book!

Spoiler alert!!!

How the hell am I supposed to not read the adventures of the Kane siblings and Camp Half-Blood!! This tease at the end killed my and made it hard for me to move on to a new book.

Should you read The Serpent’s Shadow?

Do I really need to answer this question? If you read this review, you already know that the answer is yes, you should absolutely read The Serpent’s Shadow! Just start with the first one in the trilogy (link at the end of the article). Happy reading!

And good news, Netflix is going to adapt it into a movie trilogy, with Rick Riordan involved, yeah!! (you can read the full article on the EW website right here)


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