When Zootopia came out in 2016, I was kind of on the fence about seeing it. Being 21 at that time, I figured that “Hey, I’m too old to watch those kinds of movies,” but how wrong I was. My sister and brother convinced me to see it with them, and thank god they did!


Zootopia is a city unlike any other: only animals live there. And whether you’re a huge elephant or a tiny mouse, there’s room for everyone in Zootopia!
When Judy Hopps joins the police force, she discovers that it’s hard to fit in with the tough guys in uniform, especially when you’re a cute bunny. Determined to prove herself, Judy takes on a tough case, even if it means teaming up with Nick Wilde, a sharp-tongued fox who’s a master of the con game.

Or you can watch the trailer right here.


As I said before, I wasn’t that keen on going to see this movie at first. At that time, I only watched either old Disney/Pixar movies (for nostalgic reasons) or when my mom came to visit (because she likes cartoons and children’s movies).

But I was glad that I decided to see it with them! I saw this in the theater twice: once with just my siblings, and we went with our mom a second time.

The first viewing was kind of nice and funny. This movie was hilarious and cute and made a subject like racism really easily comprehensible for children.

I also really loved the characters and especially Judy. She was one of the nicest characters that Disney ever made, that I didn’t feel would be a pushover in real life. And you could see throughout the movie that her being nice actually helped her most of the time (like with the mobster’s daughter, she was nice to her, so her father helped Judy).

On a more technical side, I’m getting more and more impressed by Pixar’s design skills. The way that they managed to really capture fur moving is amazing.

Should you watch Zootopia?

In my opinion, everyone should watch Zootopia, whether they have kids or not.

First, because it’s a great, fun, and adorable movie, but then because, as I said above, it is really an easy and uncomplicated way to understand racism and prejudice. Which is something everyone should know.

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