Déjà Dead by Kathy Reichs

Déjà Dead by Kathy Reichs

Déjà Dead is the first book of the Temperance Brennan book series, which inspired the tv show Bones. I started reading this book because I really loved the TV Show when I was younger.


In Montreal, on the dissection table of the provincial police forensic laboratory, a corpse is discovered in the former parc of the Grand Seminary. Dr. Temperance Brennan is asked to autopsy what remains of a woman cut into pieces.
Her expertise will bring her to the forefront of the investigation, alone, facing the hostility of her police colleague and the murderer who collects female victims…
Five women have already died. Will she be the next?


As I said before, I started reading this series because of the TV Show Bones. It was one of the first mystery and crime books that I read in English. And boy, did I choose a complicated one…

The reason I say that is not because the story is hard to follow. On the contrary, the story was straightforward to follow despite my English level at the time (not nearly as fluent as today…). However, since the author, Kathy Reichs, is an actual forensic anthropologist, she uses the actual words for the scientific techniques and everything. And this point is where I had an issue. However, I also really enjoyed it. It made the story that much real and that much fascinating.

Now, onto the story. I have to say. This book isn’t the most memorable Temperance Brennan book that I’ve read. It’s good, but not the best. For me, the real story started in the second book. Which I accidentally read first. So I was kind of disappointed when I started reading this one and the action that I found before wasn’t there.

Should you read Déjà Dead?

Yes, of course, you should read Déjà Dead. Even if it’s not the best one in the series, it’s still worth a read just because of the way Reichs writes her characters and her stories.

Other books in the Temperance Brennan series

2. Death du Jour

3. Deadly Decisions

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