Stunning by Sara Shepard

Stunning by Sara Shepard

Stunning is the eleventh book in the Pretty Little Liars series. And with this book, I am almost done with the series I started reading 10 years ago.


Emily, Spencer, Aria, and Hanna are still continuing living their lives in the small town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. But their tormentor still seems to be aware of every single detail of their existence.

The liars are starting to get suspicious that A might be Gayle, a woman who just moved into Rosewood, and start stalking them. It turns out she has a connection with what Emily did last summer. But she’s not the only one with secrets to protect…


Okay, so I should start by saying that this series is really starting to get old for me. I was 15 when I started reading them, and it was fine then. However, now I’m 25, almost 26, and I just can’t stand it anymore. I still love reading YA books, especially science-fiction and fantasy ones, but I just can’t stand Pretty Little Liars anymore.

Stunning was okay, I guess, but it took me almost two weeks to read it, whereas before, it used to take me a few days because the story so pulled me in.

Should you read Stunning?

It depends. I would recommend it for a teenager, but as an adult, I wouldn’t read it. The stories are always the same, the characters never really evolve, and the story isn’t that original.

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