Antebellum is the last movie I’ve seen in the theater for the past five months. After that, theaters closed in France, and they have yet to reopen! However, I’m thrilled I saw it. You can see why in the rest of this article!


Trapped with nowhere to run, Veronica Henley is a slave. But this mysterious world has some secret to uncover, and figuring it out maybe her key to escaping slavery.

Or if you want to, you can watch the trailer right here, but be careful. It spoils the main twist of the story.


As I said before on my blog, I have a black grandfather who comes from Guadeloupe, a French island in the West Indies. And for the past few years, I have explored what that meant for me, having slave ancestors and being a woman of color in a majority white country, even if I don’t consider myself to be anything other than French.

This is the reason I was attracted to Antebellum. I saw it with my sister when it came out in theaters here in France, but I saw the movie trailer a while back and really wanted to see it.

The story is about Veronica, a slave on a plantation in the south of the US. You can see her day-to-day life in a plantation run by monsters who forbid slaves to talk unless they are talked to by the slaveowners.

From the movie’s start, you can see that something is wrong (other than the obvious wrongness of slavery). But it’s not until the middle of the movie that you find out what.

Spoiler Alert

The big twist of the movie that is spoiled in the trailer is that Veronica Henly is a successful author and activist here, in the 21st century. She became a slave when she was kidnapped one night by white supremacists because of her activism. And every other “slaves” in the plantation are African Americans that were kidnapped, raped, and sometimes murdered for the amusement of a handful of white people in the Antebellum parc.

So this movie is a kind of screwed-up, racist version of Westworld! Except all the protagonists are humans who had lives before and who will never be able to let go and move on from what happened to them.

Should you watch Antebellum?

If you’ve read this far, you can easily figure out what I’m going to tell you. You should absolutely see this movie. No matter if you are part black, like me, or not. It’s a great movie to watch and start educating yourself with.

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