Percy Jackson: Books vs Movies

Percy Jackson: Books vs Movies

It’s time for a new article in the Books vs. Adaptation category. After 13 Reasons Why and Harry Potter, I will compare the Percy Jackson book series with the movie adaptation. If you’re interested in reading the individual reviews, I’ve put them at the end of this article.

The Books

I’m not going to recap the entire Percy Jackson series, but you can find all my reviews at the end of the article.

I started reading the books a few years ago but didn’t get really into them (and the fandom) until a few months ago when the first lockdown ended in France. The books came at a perfect time for me a provided me with a great escape from everything that was going on at the time and is still going on.

The books follow Percy Jackson from age 12 to age 16 as he gets introduced to the world of Greek heroes and mythology. The story is really well written and accessible to all ages. And also, it really sucks you in. I couldn’t stop reading them once I started because I always wanted to know what came next!

The Movies

As with the books, you can find my reviews for the two Percy Jackson movie at the end of the article.

I got introduced to the world of Percy Jackson through the films first. Because my sister read them when she was younger, she insisted that we see the movies when they came out. So for me, they were really great. I didn’t know the story or the characters. And the movies were everything that I loved at the time.

However, I rewatched them last year after I read them. And boy, was I disappointed. First of all, Percy was now 16 instead of 12, which really changed the story for me. Plus, the trio didn’t have the same dynamic at all. And that’s not all that’s wrong with the adaptation. But I will give it to the films that the actors were great, and they played the parts they were given really well. However, that was not the Percy Jackson story I grew to love…

Percy Jackson: Books vs. Movies, who’s the winner?

You must have guessed my answer by now. The Percy Jackson movies aren’t bad movies. They are just bad adaptation, which means nothing’s stopping you from appreciating them. But, overall, the books are much better. They get more in-depth with who the characters are, which the movies really do not do.

The only thing left to say is that I can’t wait for the Disney+ adaptation, and this time, Rick Riordan is involved!

Percy Jackson reviews


The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan

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