Inside Out

Inside Out

I watched Inside Out with my family (siblings and mother). It’s kind of a tradition to watch the Christmas Disney movie when my mom comes back for Christmas. We watched it mostly because my aunt told us that Inside Out was a great movie, and she didn’t lie to us.


At Headquarters, the control center located in the head of 11-year-old Riley, five Emotions are at work.

At their head, Joy, brimming with optimism and good humor, ensures that Riley is happy. Fear takes care of security. Anger ensures that justice prevails. And Disgust prevents Riley from having her life poisoned – literally and figuratively. As for Sadness, she’s not very sure what her role is. When Riley’s family moves to a big city, with all its frightening aspects, Emotions has its work cut out to guide her through this challenging transition. But when Joy and Sadness accidentally get lost in the farthest corners of Riley’s mind, taking with them some vital memories. Fear, Anger, and Disgust are forced to take over. Joy and Sadness will have to venture into very unusual places like Long Term Memory, Land of Imagination, Abstract Thinking, or Dream Making, to try to find their way back to Headquarters so that Riley can take that step and move on with her life…

Or you can just watch the trailer here.


As I said before, I watched this movie with my siblings and our mother. But I ended up seeing it a bunch more times. And it has since become one of my favorite Disney/Pixar movies.

The story really touched me. I don’t know if you read my post what’s going on with this blog?. But this film really resonated with me in that you always need the pain, even if sometimes you don’t want it. Pain and sadness are what makes you realize when you’re doing something that’s not right for you. Its absence makes you realize when you’re happy and content. But most of all, pain and sadness is what makes you grow. It took me a while to understand all of that on my own, and about one year in therapy.

Of course, in the movie, Riley is only twelve years old, she doesn’t have all the tools to cope with sadness like an adult. And it’s also why I liked this movie so much. It explains easily how sadness is useful in life, even when it hurts.

Should you watch it?

I would absolutely recommend that you watch Inside Out. It’s a hilarious, thoughtful, and touching movie. I know I easily cry in front of any film, but this one, along with Coco, must be the Disney/Pixar movie that made me cry the most!

I would recommend it for anyone, no matter the age. Because you can always learn something about your feeling when watching a movie.

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Inside Out

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