Flawless by Sara Shepard

Flawless by Sara Shepard

Flawless is the second book of the Pretty Little Liars series, which I read while on vacation. I started reading the series when I was a teenager, almost ten years ago. Mainly because of the TV Show, I hadn’t heard of the books before. I already did a review of the first book in the series, Pretty Little Liars, which you can find right here.

The sweetest smiles hold the darkest secrets…


In Rosewood, Pennsylvania, four pretty little liars, Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna, all keep their secrets, but not for long…

Spencer stole her sister’s boyfriend. Aria is brokenhearted over her English teacher. Emily likes her new friend Maya as much more than a friend. And Hanna’s obsession with looking flawless is literally making her sick. But the most horrible secret of all is something so scandalous it could destroy their perfect little lives.

And “A” is threatening to do just that.

At first, they thought A was Alison, their friend who vanished three years ago . . . but then Alison turned up dead. So could A be Melissa, Spencer’s ultracompetitive sister? Or Maya, who wants Emily all to herself? What about Toby, the mysterious guy who left town right after Alison went missing?

A’s got the dirt to bury them all alive, and with every crumpled note, wicked messages, and vindictive text message A sends, the girls get a little closer to losing it all.


As I said before, I started reading the series almost ten years ago, when the show first came out, which means two things. That first, time really flies by, until I started this review, I hadn’t realized that it’s been that long… And second, that I don’t remember exactly what’s in the book. But, like with all of my books, I remember how it made me feel.

If you already read my review for Pretty Little Liars, you’ll know that I read the book while in India with my mom. And I ended up being so into it that I couldn’t wait to go back to France to read the second book in the series. Flawless is a better book than Pretty Little Liars. The book series actually ends up being quite good. It even surprised me. I didn’t think I would end up liking it so much, because I quit the series at about the 2nd-3rd season. I was so into the book that I managed to read the 250 pages of it in less than an afternoon. It’s the fastest I’ve ever read in my life!

Flawless, as with the entire Pretty Little Liars series, is not a revolutionary book. But it’s still highly entertaining, so I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a fun afternoon. What I try to explain to a lot of my friends when they ask me why I read YA is that. You don’t always have to read a book that makes you think. Sometimes, just being entertained is fun. Sometimes, people just want to forget about what worries them and focus on something fun!

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