Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

I saw Pitch Perfect when it first came out in the theater. I’ve always loved musicals, so I thought that naturally, I would like it. And I wasn’t wrong.

And if you’ve already watched it, you can go and check out my review for Pitch Perfect 2 here.


Beca would like nothing more than to fly to Los Angeles and try her luck as a music producer. For her father, who’s a college professor, it’s impossible. Rather than pursue her dream, Beca resigns herself to going to college. Once in college, other girls try to convince her to join their acapella singing group. Beca resists for a while but is finally persuaded by their enthusiasm. In the process, she also meets Jesse, a boy who sings in the opposing group. Beca soon gets caught up in the game, as her group heads for the national finals, and her heart slowly opens up to the impossible.

Or you can watch the trailer here if you want to.


Although I’m reviewing this movie in 2020, I first watched it in 2013, right before starting college. So, of course, this movie appealed a lot to me because I was kind of at the same point in life as Beca, even though I was not as sure about what the future held for me as Beca is throughout this movie.

For me, Pitch Perfect is one of my favorite feel-good movies. Every time I watch it, I get the same feeling inside of me that helps me get through another day. Of course, it isn’t the best movie ever made, but it’s still a great movie in the sense that it manages to entertain you, and makes you forget about your life for a few hours.

What I love most about the movie is, of course, the songs! I’m a huge musicals fan (my love of it started with Glee in middle school), and this movie was pitched to me by a friend as “Glee but in college,” which is why I jumped on it as soon as I could.

Should you watch it?

In summary, this is one of my go-to movies when I’m feeling sad. And I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to watch something fun and entertaining!

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